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M.S. in Health Services Administration

Master's in Health Service Administration

The thriving healthcare industry provides some of the nation’s best job opportunities. For instance, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts jobs for medical and health services managers to grow 23% between 2012 and 2022—considerably faster than the average percentage increase for most other occupations.

Leaders in the current health care delivery environment seek a broad based graduate education that offers the opportunity to assume a leadership role in a health care delivery setting that serves a broader spectrum of the population. This program provides the broad foundation in health services administration that future leaders seek, and also provides choices for a specialized area of expertise.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in Health Services Administration requires completion of 36 graduate hours. These 36 hours include an 24-hour core curriculum and 12 concentration hours. Students must complete a capstone course prior to completion of the program. The capstone requires a comprehensive research project covering the student’s field of specialization. The project is designed to demonstrate the student's mastery of the discipline and ability to apply knowledge acquired throughout the program to solve a real world problem in the student's area of specialization under faculty supervision.

  • AGER 5300 - Health Information Systems
  • AGER 5450 - Health Services Administration
  • AGER 5400 - Health Delivery Systems
  • AGER 5740 - Financial Issues in Health Care Administration 
  • AGER 5710 - Theories and Measures for Health and Wellness
  • AGER 5820 - Marketing
  • AGER 5880 - Ethical Issues in Aging Society
  • AGER 5940 - Capstone

Students will also choose a concentration in either Applied Gerontology or Long-Term Care. The Long-Term Care concentration prepares students for licensure as a Nursing Home Administrator. 

Applied Gerontology Concentration

  • Needs Assessment, Program Planning and Evaluation in Services for the Elderly (AGER 5790)
  • Housing for the Elderly: Planning, Public Policy and Research (AGER 5600)
  • Federal, State, and Local Programs in Aging (AGER 5780)
  • Processes of Aging (AGER 5750)

Long Term Care Concentration

  • Seminar on Administration of Programs in Aging (AGER 5810)
  • Housing for the Elderly: Planning, Public Policy and Research (AGER 5600)
  • Internship in Administration of Programs in Aging (AGER 5840)
  • Internship in Administration of Programs in Aging (AGER 5850)